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Our Meat

Most important, we have selected a butcher---Blue Ridge Meats of Front Royal---who shares our dedication to humane treatment of our animals. Lois and Doug Aylestock’s facility is USDA-inspected; but more important is their own understanding of how important their handling and butchering is to our final product. Few cattlemen, and even fewer butchers, have heard of Temple Grandin, a woman who has pioneered in humane treatment of cattle. Lois and Doug are something like disciples of Temple.

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All our meat is dry aged for at least two weeks before butchering. Individual cuts are vacuumed packed for maximum safety and then quick-frozen. Special orders and sides and quarters are also available.  All our meat, beef and pork, is on display at Tolson’s Appliance Center, 470 Broadview Avenue, Warrenton, Virginia.  We’re sorry, we do not sell at the farm and we do not ship.  But you can order by phone or email and your meat will be waiting for you at Tolson’s.

 You are also very welcome to visit Thistle Hill Farm but please make advance arrangement so we’ll be sure to be here to give you the grand tour.  We want you to know all about what we do and why we do it…walk our pastures…enjoy our cows.  And we’ll tell you all about the real guarantee behind Thistle Hill meat:  it’s what our 14 grandchildren eat.  (Pictures quickly available upon request.)

Thistle Hill is not a part of  the industrial meat business.  Our “un-supermarket” can guarantee delicious, healthy food.  Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee a constant variety of choices.  We believe in Slow Food; there are only so many animals on our pastures and we cannot rush them.

The only way we can guarantee what you want is to order a half or a quarter of beef in advance, butchered to your specification..  Or you may reserve what we call our “Boxed Beef” or “Pork Packs”.  Phone us (540-364-2090) or email us (info@thistlehill.net) and we’ll be happy to explain the details.  We’ll also try to fill your rush order for special cuts but, again, we may not always have what you want.

Thistle Hill Farm
PO Box 55
Hume, VA  22639
(540) 364-2090


Price List - Call or email to inquire for latest pricing

Boxed Beef (approx. 15 pounds)   ______
Bulk Burger (10 1-pound paks)   ______
Pork Pak  (approx. 10 pounds)   ______
Gift Pak (approx. 10 pounds)   ______
Quarter of beef   (approx. 100 pounds)   ______
Side of beef  (approx. 200 pounds)   ______

Note:  individual cuts , burger, sausage sometimes available.  Call or email to inquire.



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Thistle Hill Farm · Hume, Virginia · info@thistlehill.net · (540) 364-2090